Steve Curran

Culture Club: How Leaders Can Rock Their Workplace Culture

As leaders, you’re not just building your business, you’re also building your workplace culture! Creating a thriving and dynamic culture can jazz up employee engagement, creativity, and happiness. So, how can leaders rock their workplace culture and get everyone grooving to the same beat? Here are three action steps: 🎵Get on Your Feet You are …

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Compliance = Resistance

Ever encountered the “Nod Squad” – team members who obediently nod and comply, but are completely disengaged? When team members do not feel included in the decision-making process, or their input and feedback are not considered, they may comply with instructions out of obligation rather than commitment.  Employee compliance can be the first form of …

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My Core Values

Every organization has core values. Statements or beliefs that guide the actions and decisions of the people involved. Sometimes these are clearly stated, other times they are a bit fuzzy. Harvard Business Review describes core values as “the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of a company’s actions.” Leaders worth following need to develop their …

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